Pharmacy Technician Schools

When it comes to finding pharmacy technician schools, the choice is vast as many colleges and universities are now offering course work and certificate programs for the pharmacy technician. Since there is no standard across the board for such courses, however, you will find that there is a great variety in what these programs will offer. Pharmacy technician programs can range from as little as six months of courses up to a full two-year degree level program.

The key courses that you should be sure are included would be things like pharmacy law and ethics, pharmaceutical and medical terminology and pharmaceutical techniques. Other very important courses would be pharmacy recordkeeping and pharmacy calculations. Further subjects that will enhance your capabilities and job potential would be such courses as anatomy, physiology and chemistry.

The best programs should not only involve class work but also include some hands-on work such as with an internship where you can work in a real pharmacy setting. This will also enable you to get some of the secondary skills that will increase your value to a potential employer such as running the computer, cash register operation and inventory management.

Another thing to think about will be getting certified. When someone comes out of the programs at their chosen pharmacy technician schools, they will have either a certificate or degree. That certificate does not mean you are certified. It means only that you completed a program sufficient to gain a certificate but not enough to get a degree. Certification is something else altogether, involving an actual exam that you must pass with an approved agency.

It's not enough to simply go to pharmacy technician schools anymore. Many employers will require that you also become certified. In order to do that, you must sit for a comprehensive test given by one of two agencies that are nationally recognized. To retain certification, you must retest every two years and keep up with a continuing education requirement.

Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

There are quite a few employers who offer pharmacy technician programs in-house rather than requiring a formal educational setting. These employer-sponsored programs will entail much of the same coursework but will tend to have a much higher component of hands-on work. This ensures employers that you are learning the exact protocols of their own standards as well as the usual standards. The majority of these type of programs will be sponsored by hospitals or pharmacies.

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